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Set your calculator
Calculator All in One, fast and easy to use.

Free calculator! Merge the functions of a basic calculator and a scientific calculator. Color your days by
customizing the calculator with the colors that you like the most. You can customize the colors without
paying any extra charge.

Active scientific calculator to perform more complex calculations, or use the memory buttons like those of
the original calculator.

You can do many mathematical operations with the calculator. It comprises: addition, subtraction, division,
multiplication, percentage, to the cube elevation, elevation nth power, power of 2, cube root, power to the
base 10 and multiple of 3 exponent, n-th root, power of E , the power of 10, square, square root, natural
logarithm, common logarithm, binary logarithm, sine, cosine, tangent, arc sine, cosine, hyperbolic sine,
hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent, arc tangent, inverse hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic arc tangent,
mutual, random number and factorial.

For example, Calculator is perfect in situations such as calculating taxes, homework study for school or
university, calculations at work, add up the receipts, calculate the tip in restaurants and calculate the
discount while you shop.

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy to use with large buttons
  • Customize your calculator with the colors that you like the most
  • Option to activate / deactivate the vibrator
  • Option to enable / disable memory buttons
  • View your calculations with commas
  • Basic calculation buttons
  • Buttons of advanced mathematical and scientific functions